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LONG ISLAND CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 2, 2022 / -- Close Up Radio announced it will welcome Educational Advocate Maureen Santora once again, for the end of her twelve-part series. She will be extending her conversations with host Jim Masters and enlightening listeners on Mondays this Sept, except for the 6th, which is a Tuesday. In her first show, Maureen will discuss a tragedy that impacted her family and many others’ and created concerns which are still mostly unaddressed 20 years later. The awful events of September 11th, during which her son Christopher (a firefighter) perished, left so many hearts in pieces. ​ Maureen has dedicated her life to education and Christopher taught for a time as well. Two of her daughters also became teachers. She made one more notable contribution to the education field when she established The Christopher Santora Educational Scholarship Fund in honor of her son. ​ “He wanted to be a firefighter from the youngest age. So, we decided to honor him in a way that would help other students pursue their dreams too. Children need to hear that nothing should stand in the way of achieving what you wish for.” Over these years, the scholarship fund has endowed about three-quarters of a million dollars at many levels and continues to have influence for high school students. ​ On the September 6 show, Maureen will focus conversation on the over 1100 victims who were never identified, on the losses that changed so many lives, on recent meetings with the NYC Mayor regarding the tribute museum, and on how families like hers continue to celebrate their loved ones. She looks forward to a day when 9-11 is part of the school curriculum. ​ Maureen is a noted education advocated and a teacher whose career began in 1967 and stopped only a few years ago. There was a small gap while she raised her four children, three of whom went into the education field as well. Maureen believes the first, best, and most constant teacher any child could have is their parent, and that every aspect of life together should center on education—from dinner table debates to family outings. ​ Maureen has nurtured families, students, and other educational professionals, and participated in shaping curriculum, sharing effective methods, and creating the latest programs and policies. She focused on early childhood education (usually grades K to 2). She wishes we could get back to basics —like phonics, math by formula/repetition, and teaching geared to the most intelligent students. She loves to see parents and teachers thoroughly involved in education, both at home and in the community. Listen to her many excellent ideas and stirring personal memories. ​ Close Up Radio will feature Education Advocate Maureen Santora in a set of interviews with Jim Masters on Tuesday, Sept 6th, then on Mondays 9/12, 19, and 26, each at 12:00 Noon EDT.

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