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This book is dedicated to all the victims who died on September 11, 2001. In addition to the 2, 750 people who died in Manhattan, 184 individuals died at the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and 40 victims died in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. May we never forget them and may we hold their memories in our hearts forever.


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Maureen Crethan Santora began working in the New York City Public School System in 1967. She was an early childhood teacher for over 25 years. She took time off to raise her four children. Christopher, her only son, who entered the Fire Academy to become a firefighter in January 2001 died a hero on September 11, 2001. She wrote this book to help young students understand this terrible event. She wanted children to known what hatred does. Maureen retired as a staff developer from PS 2, Queens in July 2001. All of the proceeds of this book will be donated to the Christopher A. Santora Educational Scholarship Fund. The fund provides scholarships to students and educational materials to schools. For further information about the Scholarship Fund go to www.


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My Son Christopher is a special tribute stemming from a mother's enduring love and undying memory of her departed son. Readers will meet Christopher, an adorable boy who loved to make a mess, have lots of fun, and exercise a very curious mind. Truly, he was like other energetic, messy, curious boys, made more special because he was his mother's son. Throughout school, he nurtured his various passions in music, sports and intellectual discussions. He joined the band and orchestra and played tennis, basketball and swimming. The opportunities to join honors classes gave him the chance to speak his mind, which he often did, what with the surfeit of opinions his avid reading had generated. Though Christopher's first job was teaching elementary and middle school, his ultimate dream was to become a firefighter. This dream came true in February 2001; he could finally fulfill his desire to help and save lives, and be ranked among the brave public-serving heroes. He wanted to be a good firefighter, and he was. On September 11, 2001, a black day, Christopher lost his life on the line of duty. He perished beside 342 of his fellows, who will forever become part of American history for laying out their lives to rescue others beneath the fiery demise of two crumbling towers. This book is dedicated to and in honor of the fallen, in eternal remembrance of that fateful day. This is also for families who want to remember their loved ones in a special way.


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